On today’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is with Derik Schneider, owner of Visiting Angels, a local senior care company.  It is the holidays, and our main priority are loved ones, especially our senior care loved ones. 

It feels overwhelming for a lot of seniors to do things like putting Christmas up and taking Christmas down.  Family comes in and might notice things like bills piling up or spoiled food in the refrigerator.  They may also notice some social cues like mom or grandma and grandpa backing away from big events or on Christmas they may not want to be engaged.  They may see things like a family member not asking as many questions or having a sort of gaze upon them that was not there before.  You may be starting to feel that you should get somebody to come in and help.

When Visiting Angels go into a home, they notice bills and spoiled items.  They can provide a lot of relief and respite care like giving baths, helping with preparing food, cleaning up Christmas trees, and other non-medical tasks.  There are no doctor orders required, and it is at your private pay. 

So, if there is a need for you or a family member, call Visiting Angels today, and they will be happy to help you with your loved ones this season.