You can always trust Harvest Drug to give prescriptions, expert advice, convenient service, and a drive thru pharmacy care. But at Harvest Drug there is an exciting new development coming in pharmaceuticals, and on today’s Talking Texoma, Samantha Beard is with Chris Showalter to talk about LDN.

Harvest Drug is excited to announce that they are bringing in two leading experts in the field of low dose naltrexone, often referred to as LDN. They will be hosting a seminar on Thursday, November 2nd, and it will be open to the public at the Woman’s Forum at 11:00. They’re inviting Wichita Falls and the surrounding community to this very exciting presentation.

This is a very old drug, but it is being used in a new way, in very low doses. It treats all sources of inflammation, which we know now is the root cause of many different disease states. It is used for anything from anti-inflammatory conditions to cancer, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, and arthritis.

The seminar is to introduce LDN to the community, and you can sign up for it by going to their website at You will also get a swag bag full of goodies valued at over $75.00. At 6:30 on the same day, they will also be hosting an event for practitioners, nurses, and any other medical professionals in the Harvest Drug and Gift seminar room. Sign up online to learn more about LDM.