June is National Safety Month and on today’s Talking Texoma, Gwyn Bevel is with Chad Witherspoon to talk about bathroom safety.  Statistics tell us that over 80% of accidents in the home happen in the bathroom.  At Luxury Bath, people come in and want to get rid of their tub, because they don’t want to step over that 16-inch step.  So, a lot of their business is converting tubs to a shower to make it safer in the home.

Many people want grab bars or hand-held bars in their showers, and at Luxury Bath they can go in and put them directly into a woodblock or the studs into the wall.  This will make the grab bars more solid and true.  They also have non-slip surfaces on the bottom or their showers to prevent slick spots in the bathroom.  When it comes to molds and mildew on wet areas, Luxury Bath has products that are easy to clean.  There is no scrubbing and hard work keeping them clean, and you’re not going to have any mold or mildew to worry about. 

Making a home safe and easier to clean is important to everyone.  Chad Witherspoon of Luxury Bath is your local leader in tub to shower conversions and all areas of bathroom safety and cleanliness.  Give Luxury Bath a call today.