On today’s Talking Texoma, Chris Showalter is with Dr. Christie Munoz at Seymour Clinic. September is National Women’s Health and Fitness Month, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Women come to Seymour Clinic for their annual checkups. Normally for pap smears, breast exams, mammograms, and birth control screening. They also do prenatal, labor, and delivery.

Dr. Munoz also does pediatrics, geriatrics, and minor surgery. She also does injections or anything else to help. When working in a rural area, you must be part of the community and readily available. Dr. Munoz liked that when she was growing up, and that is what she now likes to do for her community.

Dr. Munoz is new to Seymour Clinic, but she is not new to this business. She has delivered over 450 babies across Central America in the United States. She has been in South America, Peru, Honduras, Kenya, and here in Texas. She can see a child from prenatal through the labor and delivery and then as a child’s pediatrician.

At Seymour Clinic, you can be assured that Dr. Munoz speaks Spanish and that they will accept Medicare, Medicaid, and all major insurances. So, call and make an appointment. They are available Monday through Friday.