On this week’s Talking Texoma, Dee King is at Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics with Dr. Brian Rich about pain management options.  Dr. Rich explains that there are patients that come to them saying that they have been told that they should have surgery, but they do not want to have surgery. A lot of times he will look over it and their films and tell them that it looks to be surgical.  Other times, and quite often, there is a gray area. 

Dr. Rich feels that the biggest thing is that he talks to his patients about what they can do to try and either create a treatment plan with some of the procedures that they do or try to see if they truly need to have surgery.  He feels that this makes them feel more comfortable doing that procedure.

There are often benefits of coming to see Dr. Rich over surgery.  Their procedures are generally by far more minimally invasive that what a big surgery would be.  You know your recovery time is better, and you know the issue with the surgery is better.  A lot of times, the procedures that they do will allow you to still go on and have surgery.  They do not prevent you from being able to do that but try to give you a better, lesser invasive option earlier on. 

So, if you are in pain, and you do not want to have surgery or you just want a second opinion, come see Dr. Rich today at Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics.