Wichita Falls Brewing Company is one of the crown jewels of downtown Wichita Falls. On today’s Talking Texoma, Ben Coker is with brew master, Jordan Turner. It’s a challenge picking out a favorite beer. There is always so many at Wichita Falls Brewing Company that it’s difficult to narrow it down to one. On a daily basis, they typically try to have 10-15 different styles of beer on tap. Sometimes they create something new.

Wichita Falls Brewing Company has some exciting events coming up. On Saturday, October 21st, they will be having their Octoberfest event. This will run until Halloween. It is family friendly with plenty of food and plenty of beer. Trivia night is also a fun event that happens every Thursday night at 7:00. It’s a team event, so come out and bring your friends.

Opening in the outside area, will be a new beer garden. Jordan and the others spotted the lot and saw an opportunity with potential to make it a special place. It’s a historical site, and it blocks the west sun.  Food trucks will also be available there.

Wichita Falls Brewing Company in downtown Wichita Falls is the place to be. You can find them on Seventh and Indiana. See you soon!