On today’s Talking Texoma, Dee King is with Justin Houston, expert mortgage broker at Union Square Mortgage in Parker Square.  Dee has talked to Justin about being preapproved, overcoming hurdles, and getting over the scary part of credit.  Union Square is a great hometown institution with a great reputation. 

Union Square is full of wonderful people, and they have a great team who are knowledgeable about everything in the mortgage process.  When you come in, you will see many of the same people every time.  They’re very personable and happy to see you come through the door. 

As a credit union, they have many options for people that other institutions may not have.  They have a lot more wiggle room on the debt to income and have certain products that other places can’t offer.  They can keep loans in house, which means that you are making your payment to them, not selling it off to some investor.  They also have a product where you can do 100% down or 100% financing.  So, there’s no down payment at all. 

So, for great service in a knowledgeable, friendly environment, come see Justin Houston at Union Square Mortgage.