On today’s Talking Texoma, Andrea Russell is at The Community Healthcare Center. She is talking to three different parents who have children who have received the Covid vaccine. One parent, Vicki, shared that she had no fears or concerns regarding the Covid vaccine for her child. Because she had had the illness herself, she did not want her child to get the virus and wanted him to have the vaccine instead.

The next parent interviewed was Denita. Denita has two children ages 12 and 15 who are both vaccinated. She was a little worried about the vaccine when she realized that her children were eligible to receive it. She felt that it was still brand new and thought about the possible long term side effects. But she was also excited about them getting it knowing they would be protected.

The last parent, Gina, also has two children who are ages 12 and 16. Both of her children were excited and willing to get the vaccine. After the first dose, they both had sore arms. After the second dose, they had sore arms and her son ran a low-grade fever and had some fatigue. It wasn’t long before he was back to his normal self and did not miss any school or sports.

Be sure to call The Community Healthcare Center for questions on how to get a Covid vaccine for your child or children who are ages 5 and up.