On today’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is at Pediatric Associates with Dr. Terry Johnson.  Dr. Johnson has been a pediatrician in our community for almost 30 years.  

Dr. Johnson and 70,000 pediatricians associated with The American Academy of Pediatrics endorse the use of the COVID-19 vaccine in children.  He adds that the Delta variant is making children and young adults sicker than before and that our pediatric ICU’s in the metroplex are full. 

Dr. Johnson says that reasons why a child might not get vaccinated for COVID-19 are if they have some underlying health issues that might make them react adversely to the ingredients in the vaccine or if they have had bad reactions to other vaccines.  He continues by saying that those who do get vaccinated may have no side effects.  Others may have side effects that are typical side effects from other vaccines.  These are like redness, swelling, or soreness that come and go within a day. 

As of now, the only vaccination that is currently approved down to age 12 is the Pfizer Vaccine.  Children can get this vaccine by setting up an appointment at The Pediatric Associates or other sites across the city.  Dr. Johnson adds that the vast majority of children are probably not going to be very, very sick with COVID-19.  They could have COVID-19, and it may seem like a little cold.  By wearing a mask, they reduce the amount of inoculum that they put out into the environment that could affect other children.