Today, on Talking Texoma, Haley Clifton is at Children’s Aid Society of West Texas speaking with Lisa Choate, program director for the Children’s Safe Society.  There, they have both the teen shelter and the children’s home.  Lisa’s favorite thing about being with the Children’s Safe Society are the kids.  She has been there for almost 18 years and strongly believes in their mission.

 On the third week in March, they will have Safe Place awareness.  Safe Place is a part of a national program, and they feel fortunate have it here in Wichita Falls and some surrounding areas.  They teach children to look for the yellow diamond shaped signs that say Safe Place.  If they’re having an issue, that may be that they are trafficked from another state,  having trouble at home, being abused or neglected, or having runaway homeless issues, they can look for the yellow diamond shaped signs and know it’s a safe place.  The company that has the Safe Place sign, will then call the Children’s Safe Society to come out and take it from there. 

People in Texoma can help the Children’s Aid Society by donating funds, donating new or used clothing, volunteering, or becoming a staff member.  If you’d like to work with children and can pass a background check, they would love to have you come and apply.