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Today on Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is chatting with Vivian Kirkpatrick of Domain Real Estate as she gives some valuable information to first time home buyers.

We know one of the biggest fears for first time home buyers is getting pre-qualified, but Vivian Kirkpatrick gave Shana some awesome insights. Vivian says, “go and talk to one of our local lenders, they are fantastic at working with you”. She also state, “you’d be surprised, if you are paying $700 or more, you’re paying someone else’s mortgage. Start investing in yourself”.

There are so many potential home owners that stay with renting because they think they are not going to be able to qualify, but they can. So, if you get that report card back and it’s not exactly what we’re wanting, you can try again in 6 months. “They will give you ideas on what you need to do to work on your credit. And you know if you will do that, sure you can come back”, says Vivian.

Vivian also shares that a lot of times people will hear it on tv that you have to put 20% down and that is not the case. There are a variety of loans first time buyer can choose from. If you’re a veteran, you can get in with nothing down. FHA loans are 3.5% down, and then on the conventional as low as 5%. Go talk to these lenders and they will suggest what’s best for you.

If you have any questions about first time home buyers, call Vivian Kirkpatrick at Domain Real Estate today.

Vivian Kirkpatrick


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