On today’s Talking Texoma, host Shana Jackson is chatting with Dr. Schacter of Pinnacle Orthopedics about Orthobiologics.

Dr. Schacter says, “at Pinnacle, our goal is to take our patients to the peak of wellness.” He continues to say that he wants to give patients with joint pain issues options other than surgery. There has been extensive research on the best options on how to treat joint pain without pill or surgical options and Orthobiologics can do that.

Dr. Schacter states that Orthobiologics uses the patient’s own ability to heal themselves. Pinnacle Orthopedics magnifies the ultrasound or other focused methods delivered directly to the joint.

Shana then asks Dr. Schacter, “What is PRP?” He replies that PRP is platelet rich plasma, a technology where we use the patient’s own blood to provide us with the materials to treat the joint. They have done extensive research in orthobiologics therapies, and Dr. Schacter has coordinated with the very best regenerative clinics in the country. Pinnacle Orthopedics participates in research about Orthobiologics and enters all their patients into their research activities.

If you want to know more about Orthobiologics, contact the staff at Pinnacle Orthopedics today.