On this week’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is with Dr. Katherine Dowd from Texoma Urology Center. Dr. Dowd is often asked why she went into urology. One of her favorite things in medical school was doing a surgery or doing a procedure on a patient and following them up. Dr. Dowd’s father is a urologist, and she was able to watch him take care of patients while she was growing up. Now he has been practicing so long that he’s seeing patient’s children’s children. She loves that portion of it where she can do a cancer operation, and then follow it up on those patients for the rest of their lives. She loves to be able to give the same level of care that she was able to see her father provide.

One of the best things about joining Texoma Urology Center is that Dr. Dowd has been able to add a bit of technology and innovation to a very experienced staff. Many of their nurses and physicians have been there for two decades, and just being able to add to that has been a blessing. At Texoma Urology Center, they introduced robotic surgery in Wichita Falls, and they are able to do procedures both at Kell West and United Regional. A variety of insurances will be accepted, so patients will be able to get a big benefit of comprehensive cancer care.

They are updating the website at Texoma Urology Center and are working hard to put their new procedures on it to show patients all that is offered. Visit them there or call their office to make an appointment today.