On today’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is with Doctor Johnson from Pediatric Associates to announce Texoma’s Fox Junior Chef grand prize winner, Miss Piper Bell.  Piper has made a delicious cake that is the grand prize winner of the Junior Chef contest.  Piper used strawberries and blueberries and arugula to make flowers and strawberries and black frosting to make ladybugs and butterflies. 

The Junior Chef contest is in conjunction with Master Chef Junior, a Gordon Ramsey Show, on Fox.  It was an 11-week contest with a winner for each week.  Piper was the grand prize winner.  Market Street contributed a $500 gift card and Piper is going to get Master Chef games, a Masked Singer cookbook, and a chef hat and jacket.

Pediatric Associates sponsored this event. Dr. Johnson added that at Pediatric Associates, they are committed to the health and welfare of children in the community of Texoma.  They want to encourage children in their life experiences and  interests so that they can succeed as adults. 

They all took a bite of the cake together and decided that it was very moist and delicious.  Good job, Piper and congratulations!