On today’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is with Kristen Shiplet with The Art Council of Wichita Falls. They are talking about an exciting event called The Home and Garden Festival that will happen next February, and they would love for businesses and vendors to be a part of this event.

The festival is February 25th and 26th. They are asking local businesses, entrepreneurs, farmers, artists, ad creators to come and join them and reserve their booth space. About 10,000 people walk through the doors for The Home and Garden Festival every year, so businesses get a lot of exposure over that weekend.

This event also supports The Arts Council in our community. The Arts Council does a tremendous amount of free arts programing and education. They provide different opportunities to schools throughout the community and in the Region IX district. They provide activities within the Center for the Arts and The Forum, and they collaborate with other community nonprofits.

If you are a business owner or vendor, you can reserve a space by going to gardenwf.org or send an email to get the vendor application online. Call Kristen and her team at The Arts Council of Wichita Falls if you have any questions about being a part of this family friendly event.