Today on Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is backstage at Memorial Auditorium in Wichita Falls.  She is with Dr. Fouad Fakouri to talk about an exciting concert coming in a couple of weeks. 

This is a special concert because the symphony will be  performing all of the music of John Williams.  He is an American composer of some of the best music for movies in the past 30 years.  There will be music from Jaws, Superman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and E.T.

Guests for this special concert are welcome to dress up in your favorite character costume.  This concert is designed for families, and it is always great fun for everyone that attends.  When you’re watching a movie, you might not hear the music, but once you see it on stage with an orchestra performing it, you immediately revert to the movie and see the movie as they’re performing the music.

For tickets, you can call the symphony office, get tickets online, or purchase tickets at the door.  Military and student discounts are available.  We hope to see you there!