On today’s Shana talks to the Musical Director and Conductor of the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra, Fouad Fakhouri, about this weekend’s 75th Diamond Anniversary.

The season opener is called The Planet and the Odyssey, and everyone is very excited!

Fouad says this is the first concert of the season.  He says that during the first half, they will have a guest soloist, John Takamatsu, who is a fantastic pianist.

He says that after intermission, they not only will be playing the music, but they will also have an HD presentation of all the planets, with footage NASA took.

Shana says she is so excited and will be buying her tickets soon!  You can go online for your tickets or call or stop by the box office at 6:00.  Showtime is 7:30 PM.

Fouad says before showtime there will be a little informal talk about the concepts people will see.

Shana also mentions that it is KFDX Night at the Symphony and Darrell Franklin will be the emcee.

Shana asks Fouad what to expect for first time goers.  He says that it would be helpful to eat, but there is a concession stand.  He says you do not need to dress a certain way either, just come and bring your ears!!