On this week’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is with Dayna Haraway.  Dayna is the assistant director of human resources at Wichita Falls Independent School District.  WFISD is the largest district in the Region IX area. The starting salary in this district is $48,791.  This is $15,000 above the state average and the required state minimum.

Benefits that come with working for the WFISD include fully covered insurance throughout the entire year, stipends for those with a master’s degree in education, and hiring bonuses for hard to fill positions.  These include positions such as bilingual education, foreign language education, and composite high school science classes or math classes at the secondary level. 

WFISD is also in need of paraprofessionals, counselors, diagnosticians, speech therapists, and an array of positions that are available to get the school year started.   These are all fulltime positions. 

Substitutes are also needed to start the school year.  You can apply to be a substitute with WFISD if you have a high school diploma and are 18 years or older.  Go to the WFISD website to get more information on becoming a substitute. 

There are many job opportunities at WFISD.  Give them a call or go to their website soon.