Today, on Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is at Harvest Drug & Gift to talk with pharmacist, Samantha Beard.  We have had an outbreak of flu, COVID, and RSV.  At Harvest Drug, they are proud to say that they can not only test for COVID, but they can also test for RSV, flu, and strep throat.

They can also make it very convenient for your family.  You can go to their website,, or you can pull into one of their curbside spots in front of the store and they’ll come directly to you.  This is available for kids or adults, and their testing services are available without a prescription.  If you test positive but do not have a doctor, you can use of their concierge doctors.  You can also choose to do it all online or from your phone without ever stepping foot into the doctor’s office.  All of their testing services are available at a price usually less than your insurance copay, and results are available within an hour. 

At Harvest Drug & Gift, they can also fix you up for your friends, your teachers, or anyone that’s on your Valentine list.  They do anything from wonderful Jelly Cat Plus for the children to earrings from Brighton for the ladies.  They have gourmet food, popcorn, chocolates and many things with many different prices.  There are also some great deals from their winter sale.  The more you shop, the more you save.  Come on in to Harvest Drug & Gift, your one stop shop.