Sen. Inhofe reveals ‘Skinny NDAA’


OKLAHOMA (KFDX/KJTL) — As lawmakers show their support for veterans, Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe says if congress really wants to support our troops, they would quit playing politics and pass the National Defense Authorization Act.

The NDAA, which covers everything from spending to policy for the military, must be reauthorized by the end of the year for operations to run smoothly.

Senator Jim Inhofe said this is a really really big deal.

The NDAA directs policy and spending plans for the defense department, and Inhofe says a new one needs to be completed before the current plan expires at the end of the year.

Inhofe said, “That means that our kids are out there fighting, they are fighting for something that is not authorized, they don’t have the equipment that they need.”

But instead of passing the NDAA, James Carafano with the Conservative Heritage Foundation says congress is playing politics.

Carafano said, “I mean that just shows the level of divisiveness in politics in Washington DC, that would be a real tragedy.”

Democrats say they don’t support the current bill because it diverts money away from military families to fund the president’s border wall.

Chuck Schumer said, “If trump stays out of it, we will come to an agreement.”

Senator Inhofe says to speed up the process he’s introduced a “skinny NDAA”.

Inhofe said, “You take everything out of the bill that has nothing to do with military and only do the military.”

His bill would only authorize essential military programs, but it doesn’t restrict the president from using military money for a border wall, still, Inhofe says he thinks it will pass the democrat-controlled house.

Inhofe said, “You are not going to vote against it, I mean you would be voting against supporting our kids.”

The Senate only has a handful of legislative working days left before the end of the year.

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