1-on-1 with Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels

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The start of the 2017 season is just 10 days away for the Texas Rangers, and the man who built the current roster is optimistic this is the year a World Series title is delivered to Rangers fans.

Tobin McDuff sits down for a 1-on-1 with General Manager Jon Daniels.

Tobin: “Over at first base, you’re probably not going to have an everyday first baseman, but you have a lot of players that can get work there.”

Jon: “We’ll see Napoli getting a bulk of the time over there, but you’re right. There are some other guys over there whether it’s Ryan Rua or whether it’s Jurickson Profar or down the line Joey Gallo or Drew Robinson. We’ve got some guys that give us versatility and flexibility with the roster. We’re looking for naps for some leadership and some right-handed power.”

Tobin: “Elsewhere you have some mainstays at second, at short, at third base. Talk about them and especially about Adrian Beltre nearing hit 3,000.”

Jon: “Well, it’s fun to watch a hall of famer in his extended prime. Not too many guys at 37, 38 years old you’re talking about the primes of their careers. But that’s just the reality of who he is and he’s been able to maintain it this long. Elvis really had a great second half last year.ad an .800 ops, steady defensively and a smart player. And then Rougie Odor, at 23 years old, is coming into his own and already has a 30 home run season.”

Tobin: “This team is in playoff contention down the stretch. Do you feel as a general manager that you need to make a move before the trade deadline?”

Jon: “There is a rush to it in making a deal. And there is a good feeling to deliver help to the clubhouse. We have done it a number of times over the years. That being said, it takes a toll. Trading a lot of the young players and the cost associated with it. So we’re going to be judicious. If there is the right deal we will always look to do it. But not just to make headlines.”

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