MONTAGUE COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Testimony in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a 2-year-old girl reveals how much abuse, both physical and emotional, the toddler endured.

The trial that started Tuesday, August 23, was moved to Montague from Clay County after the first trial ended in a mistrial due to jury problems.

Prosecutors called the toddler’s mother, Sarah Newsom to the stand today in the trial of her former fiancé, 26-year-old Joshua Fulbright.

Newsom is charged with injury to a child, and it is not known if her testimony will be a factor in her case.

Scarlette Newsom, known as Olivia, died in 2018 after being taken off life support, and doctors said she suffered trauma to her head, arms, and back.

In the initial arrest affidavit, deputies said during an interview, Fulbright told them he had struck the girl on the left side of her head with his right hand around a week before the hospital visit, leaving a large bruise. 

The deputies also said Fulbright told them a day after that assault, the girl began having seizure-like behavior and vomiting numerous times.

Sarah Newsom testified on the stand that when her daughter did not come out of her seizures, they drove from Dean to the hospital in Henrietta, and while she took her in, Fulbright remained in the car, smoking and calling his brother.

She said she and Fulbright came up with a story on the way that she had to slap her daughter’s face to wake her up out of night terrors but later said she was having seizures. She told nurses Olivia was suffering from the flu and claimed bruises were more visible because she had low iron levels.

She did not go to Cook Children’s Hospital where Olivia was transferred, and Olivia died there, and Newsom never saw her again.

In cross-examination, messages were read where Newsom called her daughter a “b****” and a “monster”.

She said she did nothing to stop the abuse by Fulbright because she was afraid of him. She admitted slapping her daughter for things like wetting her pants or giving them “dirty looks”, and the defense read Facebook messages that slapping her out of her seizures was their “favorite story to go with”.

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