Wichita Falls attorney Jeff McKnight will now fill the seat of Judge Bob Brotherton – who is set to retire in December – in the 30th District Court.

“I am a Republican and my beliefs are conservative beliefs,” Jeff McKnight stated. “But, at the end of the day, as a judge, the question is: ‘What does the law say?'”

McKnight ran against Wichita County Assistant District Attorney Dobie Kosub.

Dobie Kosub got an endorsement and support from his brother-in-law, Mayor Stephen Santellana.

Kosub, who serves as first assistant District Attorney in Wichita County, said he wants to thank those who supported him.

“Understanding that I’m going back to a job that I love, and I’m going to continue to serve Wichita County either way, and I’m prepared to give the citizens of this county 110 percent of me all the time, every day,” Kosub said.