Nexstar employees give back to the community on Founder’s Day


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) On Monday employees of Nexstar, which is KFDX’s parent company got the chance to give back to the community through volunteering and the KFDX team took part in giving back to local non-profit organizations.

This year KFDX partnered with the Museum of North Texas History, The Arts Council and the Midwestern State University’s Burns Fantasy of Lights.

“It’s a small staff here. There are a few of us that work here,” Executive Director of the Museum of North Texas Madeleine Calcote said.

It’s a problem far too many non-profit organizations are facing.

However, each year, employees of Nexstar are working to change that.

23 years ago today, Nexstar was founded as a single television station and has now grown to be one of the biggest owners of local televisions in the nation. Each year on Founder’s Day, employees celebrate by volunteering in their local communities and showcasing their hard work.

“Well it means a lot to have the community’s support to help us fulfill our mission, to help us take care of our building to preserve the history of North Texas because it’s really important,” Calcote said. “We think that north Texas is an awesome place so that is our mission to collect preserve and protect the history of this area.”

From painting to sweeping and even picking up trash. It was a way for employees to create memories.

Texoma is not just a community that the KFDX team covers on the news, it’s the place where KFDX calls home.

“There is always work being done. Planning for the upcoming season and tackling it here in June when it certainly doesn’t feel like the holiday time, weather-wise, its a beautiful day,” Organizer of the Fantasy of Lights Dirk Welch said. “It takes an estimated 2000 man hours of painting, cleaning, refurbishing, maintenance and then getting the displays out on the lot throughout the season keeping them working and running right and then tearing them down and bringing them back.”

Each of the three organizations are always looking for volunteers.

“Volunteers play such a crucial role. Because the MSU Burns Fantasy of Lights is solely supported through donations and the generous giving of so many in the community,” Welch said. “So without the volunteers putting in the time, the energy, the effort, we would be hard pressed to get everything done and ready to go to launch for a season and have it be so successful.”

And as leaders in the community, it’s KFDX’s wish to inspire others to make a difference.

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