PHARR, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Who could have guessed cumbia and Star Wars mixed so well? A local band went viral on TikTok after creating a variety of cumbia remixes inspired by Star Wars and Spongebob.

The band named Iluzol started in late July after they met at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Iluzol consists of Aldo Gonzalez on guitar, Miguel Aguierre Jr. on bass, Abdiel Garcia on drums, Brandon Cortez on trombone and Fernando Cruz on the güiro and congas.

Aguierre said when they were discussing what type of group they should be he mentioned to Garcia they should be different and have live music.

“We were just playing regular music and practicing for the group when Abdiel had the spontaneous idea of just recording our first video which was the Star Wars Imperial Cumbia,” Cortez said.

After Garcia posted the Imperial Cumbia it received 931,000 views, 153,000 likes and 16,000 shares on TikTok.

“That first video, not knowing it would get the attention that it did, it just went viral all of a sudden,” Cortez added.

Aside from going viral, it caught the eye of the official TikTok Star Wars page, who commented: “The Force was really intense.”

Gonzalez said, the first performance was pure and organic, and the results they got were surprising because it was “just them having fun.”

On the video, many people began requesting more music, with some commenting to do cumbia remixes of the Cantina Band, Duel of Fates, and the Mandalorian. Meanwhile, other viewers commented for them to play at their wedding.

Garcia said they have gotten requests to perform at three weddings and in Oklahoma City at an Airbase for Hispanic Heritage Month.

After the success of the Imperial Cumbia, the band decided to create and post the Catina Band, Duel of Fates, the Mandalorian and Jellyfish Jam by Spongebob.

The band said, that when creating these remixes they were all inspired by the music they grew up on. All of them had different music backgrounds and decided to work together to create something new.

Gonzalez said they have a list of ideas they are planning to work on such as Ripped Pants by Spongebob, Dragon Ball Z, John Cena theme song, Harry Potter and many others.

From all their performances, their favorites are the Jellyfish Jam, Duel of Fates and Cantina Band.

Iluzol performs live at 8:30 p.m. every Wednesday at the Hacienda San Miguel located at 6001 N. 23rd St. Ste D in McAllen.