An allegation by the district attorney’s office of possible improper actions by Justin Love’s  attorney, Mark Barber, could impact this murder case.

Love is accused in the shooting death of Domanic Thrasher.  Blayne Brooks has already been found guilty and sentenced to 60 years.

The state filed a notice of potential violations by Barber of  discovery material,  covered by Article 39.14 rules in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. This spells out  rules on discovery of evidence which includes limitations on releasing materials to third parties without court orders.

Prosecutor John Gillespie is asking the court to conduct an inquiry  and take appropriate actions. The alleged violation  involved Barber allegedly giving  a case file on disc to Love’s wife, Tamilyn, who then in several calls and visits to the jail relayed the information about the state’s evidence  and  witnesses to Love.

Tamilyn Love was a witness in the Blayne Brooks trial, and  a possible witness in Love’s trial. She accepted a plea deal with the D.A. in September on a marijuana charge. Part of that deal, Little said, was to let authorities come to her house and view and remove the case file on her computer.

In one call, investigator John Little says  Tamilyn told Justin that Barber was releasing  the disc to her   even though quote  “It’s highly not allowed” and that Barber said he couldn’t get another one if she lost it. Little states in the filing that at one point after hearing of the evidence against Brooks that Justin said “I’m f***ed (expletive) then” and when learning Tamilyn would be subpoenaed to the Brooks trial,  Love told her “You’re not going….nobody comes” and told her to talk to everyone and get them out of town. “That’s the only way we’re gonna  win.” He said “If Blayne gets convicted, I will too.”

Justin allegedly told Tamilyn to have a relative in Colorado “put everybody up for a week.” And that  “It’s imperative  y’all go  somewhere else.” The state investigators checked calls and visits made by Tamilyn to the jail, all of which are recorded.

They say Tamilyn told Justin  Barber let her have the disc for two days because it would take her eight hours to read everything and that  Barber said not to tell you have it because it is SO not okay.” The prosecution states that on  April 24, 2016 Justin called Tamilyn and she read him verbatim the lead detective’s case report for about 30 minutes, then continued reading it  the next day. However, when she got to her statement to detectives, Little said Tamilyn  made up statements that did not match what she really told detectives.

She told Justin that she told detectives  she knew nothing of the shooting and that she had told them she and her husband were at home  when the shooting occurred. Little says this did not match what she actually told detectives.
Little wrote that other calls between Tamilyn and Justin show Justin asked her to make a copy of the file  before deleting it and also to secretly record any conversations she had with the D.A.’s office.

And, Little said  Tamilyn also emailed part of the file to her boss because he needed an example for a paper he had to write for a class.

We have not heard back from Barber after leaving a message.

Previous stories concerning Barber show he was arrested after an altercation with another man at Old Town Saloon in which the man suffered a broken nose and needed staples after being hit with a beer mug. In 2011 records show Barber was arrested after he allegedly showed up at a woman’s house nude and intoxicated. In 2010 Barber ran for district attorney.