WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/ KJTL)—There will soon be a new nightclub in Downtown Wichita Falls! It will be called Allure Nightclub, and Co-Owners Tanner Lucking and Colton Barrett say Allure will bring a totally new environment to nightlife downtown. The club will be centered around EDM music, but they’ll have a mix of other genres like hip hop, reggae, and bachata as well. They even hope to have dancers and live entertainment to help create the atmosphere they envision for the club

“People love pool, people love bar games and things like that but not everybody does they don’t wanna do that every single night so just to kind of get away from the basic scheme of things i think will be awesome,” Co-Owner Colton Barrett said.

“A lot of people know back in the day of this place called Grand Central Station and a lot of people miss that and how we used to have that, and so I hope this can be in a way a spiritual successor to that,” Co-Owner Tanner Lucking said. The club will be located at 814 Indiana.
They hope to be open within the next three months!