(ARCHER)—County election administrators said they’re sharing best practices to prevent tampering with Texas elections.

“I am getting a lot of information crammed into my brain in three days,” Archer Co. Elections Administrator and Voter Registrar Christie Mooney said.

Christie Mooney has run the elections and voter registration in Archer County for 7 years, and she’s one-person operation for roughly around 6270 voters give or take, and soaking up everything she can while in Austin.

“Every election official needs to learn the new laws that came out of the legislative session that just happened,” Mooney said.

Some of those changes include a new cybersecurity assessment for each county’s election systems to identify shortcomings.

“They’ll come in, assess our county, look at weaknesses and vulnerabilities, tell us where we need to set up safeguards and protect ourselves and our counties,” Mooney said.