FRISCO, TEXAS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Cowboys are preparing to square off with the Raiders in their final preseason game and Mickey Spagnola has more on the team.

“The Dallas Cowboys will play their last of three preseason games Saturday at AT&T Stadium against the Raiders,” Spagnola said. “And once again, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy will probably sit 26 to 30 of his most prominent players. And let’s let him explain his philosophy on why he’s playing the preseason games this way this season,” Spagnola said.

Spagnola spoke with head coach Mike McCarthy on how his team is coming along during the preseason.

“You know, this is year three for a lot of our group. So you know that, you know, we’re further along clearly on defense than we’ve been. So I mean, I have great confidence in that part of it. You know, offensively, you know, my only focal point as I move forward is to get the starting offensive line together. You know, where’s my team at? And if we were just all brand new young if I was back in 26, 27, we would play in all three games,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy has no doubts about his stance on one of the most significant coaching controversies in the NFL coaching world: Whether or not to play starters in the preseason.

The last preseason game for the Cowboys will be played Saturday at 7 p.m. central time in Arlington Texas at the AT&T Stadium.