WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As election day approaches, candidates continue to engage with the community in hopes of gaining their support.

On October 12, 2023, in what is normally the AARP meeting at the MLK Center, Mayoral candidate Beverly Taylor Ellis joined the group to speak. Ellis made it clear that Wichita Falls should become more unified.

To further promote this idea of unity, Ellis combined groups to be at the event: AARP, the Hispanic Democratic Group, and the League of Women Voters.

“I want to see every district, one district two, district three, four, five, all two come together and then be a reckoning force so that we can see Wichita Falls grow,” said Beverly Taylor Ellis. “When I left here in 1970, the population at that time was right over 101,000, and it just hasn’t gone any further than that.”