Bowie residents concerned about water



Bowie residents are concerned about the quality of their water saying it’s discolored when it comes out of their faucets.

Some have had issues with their water for about six months. The problems range from the water being cloudy to yellow with an odor., and city officials said there are a number of things that could be causing these issues.

“I’ve got four levels of filters going through my entire house and it is still getting through my filters,” resident Bill Miller said.

After experiencing water issues every once in a while for the past 12 years, Miller said the quality of his tap water has gotten worse over the past six months.

“I see stains of water in my washing machine, my bathroom, my shower, my sinks in the house,” Miller said. “In the kitchen and the bathroom. It’s discoloring it. It stains the clothes when we wash them too.”

Miller has taken finding a solution for this problem into his own hands.

“I put the filters in and I noticed an immediate improvement, but over the months it has gotten worse,” Miller said. “The filters I use say they are good for three months, but I replace them about every month. When I take those filters out you can see them clogged and contaminated with dirt, mud and yellow looking stuff.”

Public Works Director Dean Grant said there are a number of reasons this could be happeneing.

“Sometimes things are disolved in the water that don’t come out right away. As they get out into the system you will have issues there,” Grant said.
“Now we are in the summer time, so we went through a system of people not using a whole lot of water to know people are using a ton of water.”

Grants also said old pipes can be a major factor in this happening to water and the city is working on that.

“In six months we have replaced 2,000 feet of line,” Grant said. “The plan is to continue going. We are fixing to start on the sewer line we are working to acquire money to start replacing our sewer lines.”

Even though the cause is unknown, Bowie residents said they hope the issue is corrected soon.

Grant said if the pipes in your home are very old there is a chance the discolored water is not something happening to everyone and is a result of those pipes. However, if you do have a problem to call city hall so they will know where to go work on the lines.

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