Bowie’s BIG Attraction Could Grow in Significance

Lawmakers at the state capitol will kick off the 85th legislative session tomorrow morning with thousands of bills expected to hit the floor. That includes a house resolution filed by a Texoma lawmaker– that would make the Bowie knife the official knife of Texas.
Bowie city leaders say they’ll be thrilled if it passes.
The three-ton, 20-foot-tall Bowie knife is giving passerby’s something to marvel at in Bowie. 
“There’s not very many times that we drive through and there’s not somebody stopped along the side of the road looking,” said Bowie Chamber of Commerce executive director, Diane Thomlinson. 
The larger-than-life blade has been a pit stop for travelers all around the world.
“There was a group that originated from Brazil and were traveling from Florida to Colorado and somewhere along the way they heard about the Bowie knife and they had to stop and see it for themselves,” Thomlinson said.
As is usually the case, with each traveler who stops to the see the knife they spend money in the city–either filling up their cars or their stomachs.
That’s why the town is excited about the possibility of the Bowie knife becoming the official knife of Texas.
“We have several items in the state of Texas that are the official–like the bluebonnets are the official flower, like the mockingbirds the state bird,” said 68th District Representative, Drew Springer. “This will make the Bowie Knife the official knife of Texas.”
Springer says the idea started with the legacy of Jim Bowie and the Alamo, and he thinks it’s the perfect fit for the official knife of Texas and for the quaint town of Bowie.
“Bowie, Texas has the Guinness Book of World Records largest Bowie knife,” Springer said. “And it gives them something from a rural economic development standpoint to highlight their town. You can pull in off the highway and come see the worlds largest Bowie knife and the official knife of Texas.”
“Texans are proud of Texas and anything Texas,” Thomlinson adds. “There will be plenty of people who will come through this area and say ‘well they got the Bowie knife there,’ and it’s just going to be an added attractant to people all over the state of Texas as well as all over the country.”
Until—and if—it’s made official, city of Bowie officials know that regardless people will continue to stop to see the gigantic Bowie knife.

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