Business Owners Hope “Shopping Local” Trend Continues


From buying locally grown produce from farmers’ markets to shopping at locally owned stores, more and more Texomans are making a push to spend their money locally.

Local business owners Sarah Williams and Tammy Robertson said they’ve noticed a growing trend in shopping local, which is why they decided to open up the Loft Market Place.

“People want to find something that was made in their community,” Williams said. “We are able to know our customers so we see them on a regular basis already and so we know what kind of clothing they like when they walk in this door and how they want their items personalized.”

The store features merchandise produced by local entrepreneurs, it has everything from jewelry and clothes to home decor and kitchenware.

According to, for every square foot a local business occupies, the local economy gains $179  versus the $105 dollar boost it sees from a chain store.

“When you shop local you’re supporting people directly in your community, you’re not supporting someone that lives across the country or someone that you don’t know, you know the people you’re shopping with,” Williams said.

“Going Local” seems to be true in the food industry as well.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 70 percent of those who eat out say they’re more likely to visit a restaurant that offers a locally grown selection.

Which is welcomed news for Fox Hill Restaurant owner John Hirschi.

“We are not using any pesticides or commercial fertilizer, and everything is organically raised,” Hirschi said.

And the majority of what Fox Hill plans to serve will even be grown on site.

“The farm to table concept seems to be growing more and more popular around the country.  It’s opening up just everywhere,” Hirschi said.

And that will soon include in Wichita Falls, and business owners say by dining and shopping local you keep your tax dollars here at home, all while enjoying something made or produced right here in Texoma.

The farm to table restaurant isn’t open just yet and owners are working with the city to get their building permit, once that is done they will be able to start construction– which is expected to take around 3 months.

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