WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Due to demand, one business owner is ready to open up to the public after bringing her idea of a rentable commercial kitchen to life.

If you’re from Wichita Falls, then chances are you’ve been to Frank and Joe’s Coffee House, named after the founders of Wichita Falls, Frank Kell, and Joseph Kemp. Owner Carol Murray decided to honor the wives of Frank and Joe, Lula and Flora, as the name of her newest business.

“We decided that a commercial kitchen rental space was needed in the Wichita Falls area because we know a lot of people that like to do food, they like to sell their pastries or sell their artisan bread but they don’t really have a place to make that,” Murray said.

That is until now. Murray offers up several kitchen pods with different amenities like convection ovens, and a full wash station, among several others that you probably won’t find in your typical household kitchen.

“This space is really for people that want their own individual kitchen pod and that are trying to get to the next level of getting beyond farmers market,” Murray said.

Murray said she hopes Lula and Flora’s offers more than just space for up-and-coming small business owners, by offering an opportunity to have a successful storefront in the future.

“We are a stepping stone for them a lot of them want to move on and do their own manufacturing and by the way, we do offer a manufacturers license here which is what you have to have in order to sell to retail establishments,” Murray said.

Now that Lula and Flora’s is ready to open for reservations, Murray is celebrating in a big way.

“We have a ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce this Thursday at 10 am and so we’re very excited about that,” Murray said.

So whether it’s by the hours, the day, week, or even month, Murray said to give Lula and Flora’s a try, it could be the beginning of a very successful journey.

If you’d like more information on how to reserve a space at Lula and Flora’s, click here.