Car enthusiasts rev up for 30th annual Summer’s Last Blast classic car show


VERNON (KFDX/KJTL) — Summer is coming to an end which means folks in Vernon are celebrating the 30th annual Summer’s Last Blast.

Car owners came from all over to show off their classic cars on Friday.

The president of Vernon Street Machine & Classics Association said 30 years ago when this all began, there were around 30 cars. This year, they’re expecting at least 900.

“We have people come in from Kansas, of course Oklahoma, New Mexico, Iowa, just word has gotten out and people come down, they just wanna see what it’s all about,” VSMCA president Jim Gryseels said.

Glen Large is from Knox City and has made Vernon a stop on his journey for 28 years now.

“Well there’s a lot of nice people here I meet and it’s a good place to get out, eat, and go, it’s a good thing,” participant Glen Large said. “It’s unreal to be here.”

The weekend is full of events including a concert, BMX air bike show, burn out competition, and Saturday’s Nostalgic Cruise with cars made in 1978 or before.

“It’s a good long cruise, people can just line the sidewalks of the city, tailgate parties going on all over the place, people just having a good time,” Gryseels said.

For Large, cars are more than just for show.

“When I turned 57, I wanted to have 57 ’57 fords, I turned 57 and I had 53 of them,” Large said. “Two doors, four doors, it didn’t have no doors, I still bought them, I still liked them.”

Large brings memories along with him in his 1957 500 Fairlane Ford and memories of his wife who he treats to an anniversary joy ride.

“She’ll like that, push her up to the door and she’ll look at that and go back in time,” Large said.

Classic cars remind Large of his younger days with his wife, and Summer’s Last Blast helps take him there.

Folks can register for the Nostalgic Cruise beginning 8 a.m. Saturday at Orbison Park.

There are many more events planned for Saturday and Sunday, you can find the schedule here.

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