DALLAS (KDAF) — Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates culture, identity and representation in the community.

This month we honor our brothers and sisters for their contributions, traditions and stories from the Hispanic community. Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ll explore the tapestry of culture, from its history, media and the sense of community.

When it comes to media, representation matters.

Last year, despite Latinos making up nearly 19 percent of the population, the community continues to be under-represented or misrepresented in Hollywood, news and publishing, according to a 2022 new report released by the Government Accountability Office.

Which is why it’s important to showcase representation and stories in hopes that someone can be inspired. As someone who isn’t Hispanic, like myself, I wanted to hear from my co-workers what the month meant to them, especially as someone working in the broadcast and entertainment field.

” I just feel really lucky to work in an environment where it’s diverse, and our heritage is not just tolerated but celebrated, ” said Fun on the Run Producer, Clarrissa Bustamante.

For Executive Producer, Kinya Cano, it’s about representation and finally being able to see people who looked like her on the big screen. “For me, I always wanted to be in the entertainment business, but back then I never saw people that looked like me. So it’s so great now how it’s expanded and you see so many people,” she said.

For Master Control Operator, Jose Ruben Garcia Nunez Hispanic Heritage Month means pride in one’s culture. ” As a Puerto Rican we are really proud of our culture. Being able to share that culture – being able to spread it around, to talk about it being the life of the party – it means everything to me that we can share that with everyone. Our enthusiasm our spirit and why it is that we celebrate who we are. Never ashamed of who we are but also fighting for the rights that we deserve as Latinos everywhere.”

Watch and hear the full experiences of those who shared their story above.