WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A smiling face, a loving friend, but most importantly, a son. Those are just a fraction of the amazing things Lucious and Donna Jeffery have to say about their baby boy ChaQuon.

“t was always good for me and Lucious you know every time somebody would see us young or old and they’d always say he is so sweet he is so respectable, and its like you just raised such a good kid,” Donna Jeffery said.

But just after midnight on June 3rd , the 25- year-olds promising life, would come to a very tragic end.

“All of a sudden the doorbell rung, and I was like, usually if he can’t find his key he would call me and say mom can you open up the door, and I was like I know he didn’t lose his key, so I walked to the door and kind of peeped out the window, and he wasn’t parked behind his dad, and he usually parks behind his dad I saw another car and his friend called out his name and I opened up the door, and he began to tell me Quon was in an accident,” Donna Jeffery said.

He and another passenger, Veronica Diaz were driving on Spur 325 near Airport Drive when they were struck head-on, by what police believe was a drunk driver.
This here showing the severity of what the Jeffery’s saw when they arrived on scene a moment they’d never forget.

“Another thing that was very tormenting for me as a dad is when the coroner came and I dont know if other parents have ever seen it but to see your child taken away in a body bag, its another memory thats burning in my mind,” Lucious Jeffery said..

ChaQuon was pronounced deceased at the scene, the other passenger rushed to the hospital with several injuries. His parents say they stayed on that scene for hours, trying to piece it all together.

“Once I knew he didn’t make it my next question was what happened?” Lucious Jeffery said.

THE WFPD later revealing they believe alcohol played a factor, as the other vehicle was driven by a Brandon Wright of Wichita Falls. ChaQuons parents are now actively seeking justice..

“Me personally, I want charges brought and I want the charges to be the highest charges that they allow for this I don’t want a slap on the wrist, or anything like that its not going to sit well with me, I was angry and I’m still angry,” Donna Jeffery said.

From anger to sorrow, they’ve felt just about every emotion but the love from this community has helped them see joy in knowing they raised a great young man.

“He’s impacted a lot of peoples lives, more than we ever imagined, we didn’t even know,” both say.

As for the investigation WFPD’s Sergeant Charlie Eipper says its being done by WFPD detectives and crash investigators, and he expects that once lab test results come back, charges will be filed and an arrest will be made, as ChaQuon’s parents and this community follow the investigation closely, to ensure that happens.

“He was like an old soul and we really miss him, we really miss our son dearly and its a tremendous loss to me and his mom,” Lucious said.

A beautiful soul, gone far too soon

There is a balloon release in his honor taking place Thursday, June 8th at 7:30 p.m. at the Hirschi field house parking lot. ChaQuon would’ve turned 26 later this month.