WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The holiday season, it can be a busy time for all of us, but especially for our local non-profits like the team over at Child Care Partners. They say the past year has been a lot of hard work, but they’re ready to wrap things up on a good note.

“It’s really turned out to be a really blessing of a year, I think everybody recognizes that inflation is hitting everyone hard, so I think everyone has really reached deep to make sure that kids have a phenomenal Christmas,” Keri Goins said.

Executive Director Keri Goins says their vision of protecting children and helping families through child care is vital to their mission, and that help becomes even more needed during these holiday months, when so many people are already stretched thin.

“This time of year is so hard because they are trying to buy presents and make sure they’re making rent [and] with groceries the way they are making sure they have food for their families, so it’s really tough, so it’s good seeing reactions and knowing that their children are taken care of,” Goins said.

But she says making Christmas memorable for this many kids, can be a big task, and they are always in need of donations and volunteers. Plus now’s a great time to get involved, as they prepare for their Christmas party on Saturday.

“If they want to volunteer wrapping presents, if you want to bring by wrapping paper, anything they want to do, volunteer to read books to kids, I always tell everybody there’s a place in children lives for everybody that has a heart for being apart,” Goins said.

The giving doesn’t have to only be now, Goins says your time and help is always needed [and] appreciated

“You know, every child needs a village, and we’re your village. We’re here to do wrap around support for parents [and] make sure that families are strong and kids are doing well,” Goins said.

Acts of kindness that’ll impact the lives of these children for years to come. For more information on about Child Care Partners, click here.