Chinese artist sculpts hair into works of art


A barber in China is turning his client’s into walking works of art.

Wang Jianfeng looks at every head as a new canvas with amazing images sculpted in hair.

From the likes of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong to soccer players like David Beckham and film stars such as Bruce Lee, Wang can do them all.

Inspired by a video he saw online of renowned US hair artist Rob Ferrel, who creates portraits of celebrities on his clients’ scalps, Wang wanted to do the same for Chinese men with his clippers.

Since completing his first hair sculpting piece in 2015, Wang has steadily gained a loyal following.

His work became so popular that clients have traveled from neighboring provinces and cities to get their hair sculpted by Wang.

Wang spends two weeks each month on the road, giving lessons around the country to barbers and hair stylists at major high street salon chains on how to sculpt basic patterns onto clients’ heads.

Clients are charged about $30 for a cut, which is the same price as a normal haircut at Wang’s barbershop. 

A single hair sculpting takes wang roughly an hour to complete and grows out after around a week.

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