WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As National Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close a local non-profit hopes to leave an impact while educating the community on Hispanic heritage.

Through many partnerships and building up other non-profits “Con Potencia” has brought the community together and has recently brought others from around the state and nation.

“It’s such a wonderful thing to see the outreach and education that we are doing because it is a lot of things,” Co-founder Alicia Duran said.

Con Potencia works to leave a lasting impression on the Hispanic culture

“We’ve been doing this for you know seven years now and how we get bigger is by collaborations by raising other nonprofits that collaborate with us and we come together and see how far we can go,” Duran said.

It started with a Dia de Los Muertos event inviting families to honor their loved ones,
from four altars, it’s grown to 35 in a six-year time span.

Con Potencia also has events like “Loco for Cinco” which highlights the battle of Puebla, a significant battle in the Mexican-French war. This war often gets confused as Mexico’s Independence Day.

“It’s more awareness for what we’re doing. but even bringing businesses to come to Wichita Falls and say, hey, what’s happening over there,” Duran said.

Los Muertos wraps up the month of October for Con Potencia and they have many other fun events leading up to Los Muertos. These events wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of 9th Street students, the Mexican-American Veterans Association, DJ Tito Productions, and Midwestern State University.