Congressman Ronny Jackson meets with Wichita Falls veterans over healthcare concerns


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — 13th District Congressman Ronny Jackson made a visit to Wichita Falls on Wednesday, November 10, to speak with veterans about some frustrations they are experiencing with the government.

Congressman Jackson spoke with veterans at the MSU campus who had several concerns, especially with healthcare and now the congressman says he’s ready to take action.

“It’s care that we owe the veteran and we should make it easy for them to get the care that they need,” Jackson said.

Jackson says a lot of the difficulty with this issue stems from president Joe Biden’s removal of executive orders that former president, Donald Trump had implemented to ensure veterans receive the necessary benefits and medical care they deserve.

Now that these orders have been removed, Jackson says veterans affairs are acting as a middle man between vets and their healthcare.

“The V.A. has been a problem for a long time. It has a huge budget, I think it’s about 260 billion dollars a year that we put into the V.A. Budget and most of that is not given to the veterans. It doesn’t translate into medical care or benefits for our veterans, it translates into spending on the massive bureaucracy that’s between the veterans and their healthcare or between the veterans and their benefits and we have to do something about that,” Jackson said.

Taking action for change, something veterans like Joel Jimenez are on board with.

“The high percentage of these veterans are not after money, they just want to get healed. They want the proper medicine, they want the proper care. They want just a little consolation of their life and then the other ones, everything will fall in place,” Jiminez said.

Jackson says change is possible, but it will take time to fix what is broken within Veterans Affairs

“They need somebody to speak up for them and that’s what I’m going to do and that’s what they can count on me to do is to be their voice,” Jackson said.

A voice that veterans hope the government hears loud and clear.

Jackson says this issue is not a localized one but instead something veterans are struggling with nationwide and he hopes that his efforts impact those beyond the 13th District that he serves.

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