WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Triple H consumer show kicks off the big weekend of bike racing. According to Cayce Wendeborn, the chairman of packet pickup, this event sparks excitement.

“It starts the energy flowing,” said Wendenborn. “People come in, they’re excited. They’re excited to be here. We you know, they want to get the package. They want to see what’s going on with the super show. They want to spend some money, which is great for our vendors. It makes it really fun.”

Different vendors from all over come offer riders anything they need. One specific vendor created a device to keep areas safer.

Danny Wilson realized that when he would go to grab his Chapstick, he risked causing an accident or losing it. He went to the design board and created a device to hold it against his arm.

“You can attach this to your arm for my runners, my hikers, my skiers, or the top tube of your bike for cyclists or your stand,” said Wilson. “So I came up with it. It’s a safety feature. Just pull it out, put it on, and slide it back in. Keep riding.”

Wilson was not alone in the creation of necessary items. Tom Moore, the CFO of Wild Cycler, noticed there is a lack of colored biking clothing in the market.
He and his partner launched their own clothing line with plenty of bright and vibrant colors.

The fun continues tomorrow with the street party and continues with the big ride on Saturday.
Wendeborn ensures all the fun is going to be safe.

“We have so many people this year,” said Wendeborn. “We’ve got almost 10,000 riders that are registered. We help everyone stay safe. We help and want to keep on doing this, that everybody comes back.”