Blayne Brooks, who is now serving a 60 year prison sentence for the murder of Domanic Thrasher,  has been no billed by the grand jury for aggravated robbery.
Brooks was charged with the robbery of  the Howard Johnson Hotel a  few weeks before he was charged with murder.
Police say  in July of 2014, a man  dressed mostly in black and carrying a long object in a garbage bag hit a clerk in the head with the butt of what appeared to be a rifle, and took money.
Police say Brooks once  worked at that location when it was a Ramada Hotel.
Brooks was arrested in a home in the 4500 block of Shady Lane a little over a year later. Shortly after that arrest, he was charged with murder. His attorney has appealed his murder conviction. Two other defendants in the murder remain to go to trial or to plea.
We were unable to learn if the grand jury returned a no bill for questions over evidence or because the district attorney’s office requested no indictment.