UPDATE: County to withhold payment to software company if requested improvements aren’t made in timely manner


WICHITA CO. (KFDX/KJTL) — In July, a massive software update was scheduled for the Wichita County Courthouse.

Along with the update from Tyler Odyssey came the transfer of old files, causing courthouse employees to work on the weekend and concern on how long the new system would take to get used to.

Though there are some tasks that are taking longer, due to more steps, there are some processes the software is still not allowing courthouse employees to do well, if at all. But, there is an option for the county if things don’t improve.

Between eight and ten years ago, Wichita County District Clerk Patti Flores and several of her colleagues went to Kerrville to preview what they would eventually get installed at the Wichita County Courthouse: the new Tyler Odyssey system.

Flores said at the time things weren’t looking promising.

“I walked into the office and said: ‘ How do you do this?’ ‘Well, we can’t do that.’ ‘What do you mean you can’t do that?’ I said: ‘Okay. Well, what about this? ‘ And she showed me how to do it,” Flores said. “I said: ‘Oh my gosh.’ I said: ‘ It only takes us two steps what just took you ten.'”

Flores said she had no control of picking the technology. Regardless, she said some of those aforementioned issues have become a reality at the courthouse.

Besides some tasks taking longer, Flores and Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said there are still problems Tyler has not yet fixed.

“The big thing is to get the public folders correct, the right information redacted electronically, the other thing is the merging of parties on that. That’s been a big problem,” Gossom said. All that plus, Gossom said, fixing issues with financial reports and disbursement of funds.

The county has until the middle of October, but if issues aren’t resolved, Gossom said they will withhold the final payment of more than $161,000 to Odyssey.

Although she supports holding Tyler to their word and fixing all the issues, plain and simple, Flores said the system they’re working with… “Doesn’t fit. It doesn’t fit Wichita County.”

Judge Gossom made it clear that he told Tyler representatives he has faith in what they say they will do. But he added the county will withhold the check if improvements aren’t made.

Following the airing of this original story, Tyler Technologies sent this statement below to Texomashomepage.

“The Wichita County Court needed to move from its outdated court software to a unified, state-of-the-art case management solution. Unlike its old software, the county’s new Odyssey software fully integrates all the key roles within the county’s court system, sharing information between courts, judges, prosecutors, public defender attorneys, justice of the peace offices, constables, the county jail, and the sheriff’s office.
Since going live on Odyssey’s cloud-based software in July 2019, Wichita [County] courts and jails have converted more than 1.3 million cases into the new system, consolidating cases involving more than 3.5 million parties. Close to 3,000 new cases have been filed with the district clerk, county clerk and JP offices and more than 2,600 bookings and releases from the county jail have been processed.  
We continue to partner closely with the county to address a few remaining issues such as merging duplicate legacy records dating back to 2001 into single shared records and configuring the software to handle specific functions based on county policy decisions, such as who has access to certain confidential information. We are making good progress together on these remaining issues.
” –Tyler Technologies

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