DALLAS (KDAF) — One lucky couple said “I do” over the weekend, but unlike other couples’ big days, their wedding was on board a Southwest Airlines flight out of Dallas Love Field.

On Thursday, April 27, Southwest Airlines took to its Facebook page and told the unusual wedding story of Pam and Jeremy.

Their story begins with a leap of faith. After the couple jokingly brought up the idea of booking a flight to Las Vegas and getting married, their “what if” turned into a “let’s do it.” So the couple booked a flight to Vegas this past Sunday with a wedding appointment in Vegas scheduled for Sunday night.

As they arrived at DFW Airport (in full wedding attire we add) from Oklahoma City, their wedding plans took a turn for the worse as they learned their flight to Vegas had been canceled.

Whilst about the next move in the airport, another passenger Chris, who happened to be an ordained minister, overheard their dilemma and offered a glimmer of hope by telling them that they may make their appointment after all.

The three of them bought three seats online to Vegas on a Southwest Flight and left DFW for Dallas Love Field Airport.

Upon boarding their new flight, the plane’s pilot noticed the couple’s wedding attire and joked that they should just get married on the flight, and they replied, again, “let’s do it.” So, crew members rushed to prepare the plane with toilet paper streamers and a makeshift sash for the minister Chris.

One of the Southwest Flight attendants filled in as Pam’s Maid of Honor, and in another sign of fate, one of the passengers happened to be a professional photographer and agreed to take the couple’s wedding picture.

Another passenger used a notebook to make a makeshift guest sheet, having all the passengers fill out their names and seat number.

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