WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A second defendant pleads guilty to the murder of Jason Baum in 2020. Dimonique McKinney, 21, pleaded guilty in 78th District Court, Friday, March 31, 2023. His plea deal was for a 50-year prison sentence for murder, with almost 3 years credit for his jail time awaiting disposition.

Last June, the first of the four suspects, Martez Vrana, was found guilty of capital murder by a jury and sentenced to life without parole. Another, Sammy Worthy, has a hearing on his charge next month. The fourth was a juvenile at the time of the murder.

Baum’s body was found in the alley of the 4600 block of Meadow Lake off Fairway Boulevard on June 11, 2020, after reports of shots being fired were received. Police said they found evidence of narcotics trafficking with a substantial amount of marijuana, currency, packaging material, scales, and other items in a house.

Police said Worthy told them he was with McKinney, Vrana, and the juvenile and went to rob Baum. They said Vrana said he drove the others to the house on Meadow Lake to buy marijuana. He said he parked on the next street and let them out there and waited. He said they returned 20 minutes later, out of breath, and McKinney was wearing an orange ski mask.

Police said Worthy said McKinney told Baum to hand over everything he had, then he heard gunshots, so he ran back to the car. Worthy said that McKinney fired at Baum when Baum reached for his waist.

Police said an informant told an officer, McKinney told him he was the one who shot and killed Baum. McKinney has other cases filed including assault of an officer and assault in 2021, and two counts of aggravated robbery in 2020.