WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A third defendant in ID thefts in which victims included the city manager and an assistant city manager of Wichita Falls has been sentenced.

Candice Moodie pleaded guilty to three charges according to court documents. For Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity fraud she received 10 years, suspended to five years probation. For two additional counts of forgery at a bank she received three days in jail.

The other two defendants were sentenced last March to three years probation.

According to court records, the suspects used several victims’ information to fraudulently open cell phone accounts in their names and buy iPhones from Premium Retail Phone Sales at the Walmart on Lawrence Road in November 2020. Victims reported the compromise after receiving billing statements from the accounts and payment requests for the phones.

The investigation into the transaction reports led to an interview with a store clerk at Premium Retail Sales. Officials said in the interview the clerk admitted to involvement in a scheme with the other suspects to commit retail theft through stolen personal information.

Moodie’s forgery charges were for depositing counterfeit checks in bank ATMs and then withdrawing cash from other ATMs or money apps.