WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls police arrest one man following a chase from the McNiel Avenue Whataburger, up onto sidewalks and curbs on Brook Avenue early Friday morning.

Michael McVicker is charged with evading and resisting arrest, and also had an outstanding warrant for public intoxication according to records.

It started when Whataburger employees called police and said they had a man in their drive-thru line who was not moving his vehicle, was staring straight ahead and was not responding to employees at all.

Wichita County Jail booking

When officers arrived and went up to the VW Jetta, they say the driver sped off at a high rate and got on Kell eastbound with no lights on. Another officer waited in the median just before the Brook exit and began pursuit as he exited onto Brook.

They say he stopped briefly in the middle of the intersection then the Jetta went north onto Brook, hopped the curb and almost struck a concrete pillar before getting back on Brook.

They say he ran a red light and continued north on Brook and while looking in the mirror back at the pursuing officer, he again hit a curb. Then they say he tried to turn onto Huff but missed it, hit another curb, went into a lawn of a home in the 1100 block and stopped.

They say he ignored their instructions and just sat in the car staring at them. An officer finally reached in and grabbed his arm and pulled him out.

They say after a brief period of him resisting putting his arms behind his back, they got him into handcuffs.

After reading him his rights they say he agreed to answer questions, but when they asked them he just stared back at them.

McVicker’s 16 listed arrests include 10 public intoxication charges.