WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Beaumont man charged with an alleged sexual assault on the MSU campus in 2020 is brought back to Wichita County from Montgomery County and jailed on $200,000 bond, even though the victim of the alleged assault this week filed an affidavit stating she wants the charge dismissed and that she does not intend to testify against him.

She requested she not be subpoenaed if the case comes to trial.

Wichita County jail booking photo

Shawn Lewis, 28, was booked into Wichita County jail April 7 after a warrant was issued in February for bail forfeiture when Lewis failed to show up for his court hearing.

His previous $100,000 bond was increased to $200,000.

His attorneys then filed a motion asking the forfeiture and new bond be set aside stating they can show a valid reason he could not appear in court because of transportation issues. A hearing on that motion is set for April 14.

But the alleged victim’s desire for the case to be dropped may be a larger legal issue and question on whether the case can be prosecuted if she declines to testify.

Her affidavit was filed after the arrest warrant to bring Lewis back was filed when he failed to show for his hearing.

The alleged sexual assault occurred in November 2020 in a room at Sunwatcher Village Apartments on the campus. Police later learned that Lewis was visiting the campus with friend and was a registered sex offender from Beaumont.

The female student said she and friends had been out drinking with three male acquaintances earlier and were sitting in her room when she went to see who else was in their apartment, and saw that Lewis had passed out on her roommate’s bed.

She said she went to check and he woke up and asked her for sex and then began assaulting her.

She said he tried to close the door and blocked her way out.

She said she struggled and was able to push her way out and ran back to her room and told her friends what happened.

She and her friends then went to another apartment to call police.

We have reached out to the district attorney’s office on whether prosecution on the sexual assault charge will move forward but have not yet heard back.