WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A man facing trial for multiple counts of attempted capital murder of law officers or first responders has filed a complaint in federal court alleging the sheriff, a Texas Ranger and a judge violated his civil rights by falsifying and fabricating two new charges against him.

Anthony Kienlen said he would like $175,000 damages paid for his mental and physical anguish and also for legal costs.

The complaint names as defendants Sheriff David Duke, Texas Ranger Matt Kelly, and Justice of the Peace James Hughes. Kienlen claims Duke and Kelly falsified arrest affidavits and defamed his character, and Hughes is guilty of “willingful blindness,” discrimination, and denial of his Constitutional rights.

The complaint comes as Kienlen’s attorney continues to try and get Kienlen’s bonds lowered, with a habeas court hearing set on Friday.

In his federal complaint, which was apparently moved as a civil suit to County Court at Law Two, Kienlen alleges two additional charges of attempted capital murder were filed, naming Duke and the Texas Ranger as victims, the same day he was raising money to post bond for his 14 initial charges. He said the additional $1 million in bonds made it impossible for him to raise the amount needed to post bail.

Kienlen said Duke was not named as an officer at the scene in the arrest affidavit and the Ranger could not testify in the examining trial if any rounds came close to him during the standoff. He said these claims were falsified apparently to keep him in jail and Judge Hughes ruled probable cause existed.

However, in a motion filed to dismiss the complaint against Sheriff Duke, the District Attorney asked it to be thrown out on grounds it is frivolous and groundless since Duke did not sign or file the probable cause affidavit, he could not have falsified it. As for the complaint against Hughes, the D.A. stated besides being frivolous, the judge has judicial immunity.

Kienlen has been jailed since Oct. 13, 2021, after a standoff and numerous shots being fired
at his house on Turkey Ranch Road.

His family has been seeking to get his bonds lowered and his wife says he needs mental health care for the PTS he suffers from serving in Operation Enduring Freedom.